Valentine’s Card and Banner Printable


Life is super busy. Good thing there are holidays so I remember I have a blog and post on it. Valentine’s day is BIG business. I hope you enjoy this freebie and it saves you a little bit of money.   I sketched this in hopes it would be super cute to splash across a […]

Quick and Easy Christmas Craft

Quick and Easy Christmas Craft

One more sleep until Christmas! I hope your household is excited and there’s lots of fun memories being made. I did this quick craft in a day in quick five minute steps throughout the day. The Ingredients: beads (I used beads from an old necklace I never wore.) white glue (make sure it says white!) […]

Recipe Card Printable


To me, Christmas means a lot of baking will be happening because I love giving baked goods as gifts. I always include a handwritten recipe card so the recipient can make the goodie again, if they loved it. I’ve never had anyone complain! Do you use recipe cards? Or is that out of fashion now. […]

Retro Reindeer Wallpaper


December 1st is here! Only a few more sleeps until Santa arrives. Here’s a fun wallpaper pattern for your phone or tablet. One has a calendar and one doesn’t.  What I love about this retro reindeer pattern is it’s also available as fabric and wrapping paper on Spoonflower, as well as, stationery and home decor […]

Colorful Christmas Holiday Tags


Four more weeks! Santa’s coming in FOUR MORE WEEKS! Let’s get those gifts bought, wrapped and ready! I’m all about easy, inexpensive gift wrapping. I take issue with spending a lot on something that is going to be ripped off and thrown away. So, here’s some fun, colorful tags that you can print on white […]